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  1. Fell Clutch of Circumstance

    • Issue number: 1
    • Date: December, 2005
    • Summary: A self-admitted killer laments over the body of his victim, a nude woman impaled upon a curious sword. The police close in on the dark, muggy lowcountry warehouse that is the scene of the crime. It seems that it is only a matter of time before the killer is apprehended.

      Author’s note: I am including this issue for historical purposes. I consider it apocryphal/non-canon. The story has diverged from what I originally conceived in 2004, and I don’t like that the issue starts right off with a “fridging”.

  2. The Syncopation of Timothy Holt

    • Issue number: 2
    • Date: May 2006
    • Summary: This issue deals primarily with the characterization of Timothy Holt. Holt is driven in his pursuit of a life less ordinary, and in particular a life more alive. Also, the characters of Joseph Nachtmann, Holt’s friend and employer is introduced. Here also appears a female singer to whom Holt has an undeniable attraction.
  3. Too Full of Sleep to Understand

    • Issue number: 3
    • Date: November 2006
    • Summary: Holt and Nachtmann have acquired a strange map that Holt is drawn to despite Nachtmann’s protestations that it is likely garbage sent to him by his colleague Gaston Vruk. In truth, Vruk obtains the map in the pursuit of artifacts from the ancient (possibly fictional) city-state of Thauma. Vruk is a modern-day adventurer commissioned by Arthur Mathis in Boston. It seems there may be something to the map after all…
  4. Who Looks Inside Awakens

    • Issue number: 4
    • Date: March 2008
    • Summary: Holt begins to seriously delve into the meaning of the map. He is aided in his pursuit by a professor at his university: one Judith Narcissi, though her motives may be less that scholarly. The map doesn’t divulge secrets easily, and each step into the mystery just leads to a greater enigma.
  5. He Bursts

    • Issue number: 5
    • Date: April 2009
    • Summary: Holt at last has solved the mystery of the map, and his wish for a life less ordinary is granted.
  6. The Solipsistic Ape

    • Issue number: 6
    • Date: April 2011
    • Summary: Holt’s first superheroic deeds.
  7. Into the Breach

    • Issue number: 7
    • Date: Summer 2019
    • Summary: Some time has passed as Holt comes to terms with recent events. In the interim, a new drug has appeared on the streets. Breach seems to give its user a glimpse of a life unlived, but overdosing seems to have horrific consequences. A young detective looks into the case, and Holt hopes he can convince her he has the answers she needs.